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Sarah Palin doesn’t read for knowledge, she watches movies October 2, 2008

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Here is a description of part of Katie Couric’s interview of Sarah Palin:

On a lighter note, Couric asked Palin how she liked to spend her free time, whether she read books?

“Oh sure, I have read a whole bunch,” said Palin.

‘What books have you read?” asked Couric, sensing an opening.

“Oh, y’know, different books … C.S, Lewis, he’s way, way deep. And I like Runners World, the magazine. I’m not into literature, the deep stuff. I’m so busy. If a book can’t grab my attention in the first paragraph, I have to put it down and do something else. I don’t read many books really, they’re not part of my life I guess. I’m not a book kinda gal. But I like movies.”

(You can click on the text to see the full article)

I don’t know what to say.  “I have read a whole bunch”  and “I don’t read many books really” are said in less then a minute of each other.   How do you reconcile that?

The first thing that comes to her mind when asked what she reads is:

1. C.S. Lewis- Author of childrens fantasy books and sci-fi with a Christian agenda and also Christian apologetics.

2. Runners world- A sports magazine aimed at runners and authors of such gems as “101 KICKS IN THE BUTT

3.Movies-Glorified television shows

The content of what Sarah Palin considers reading is severely lacking.  However, my the biggest problem isn’t just that content of her reading is lacking.

“Reading books” in Sarah Palin’s mind is not associated with research or facts or history or current events or KNOWLEDGE in general.  “Reading books” to Sarah Palin is associated with fiction or stories or sports or movies or ENTERTAINMENT in general.

When an important document comes across her desk, does she pass it by if the first paragraph doesn’t grab her?  How does she develop her knowledge of policy?  How does she justify cutting one program over another without some empirical basis for making the decision?

We get a peek of how Sarah Palin views knowledge in her thoughts on “reading books.”  Books are the primary source of knowledge and facts in our society.  To Palin, they are merely entertainment.

This isn’t the only time Palin has expressed here dislike for books and knowledge.  In 1996, Palin asked the head librarian of Wasilla if she would ban books.  The librarian stood firm and refused to consider banning books.  Palin then asked the librarian to resign two different times before the librarian finally resigned. (source: Anchroage Daily News).

Palin also expressed her dislike for sex education.  I posted about this earlier. (A Traditional Christian Marriage).  Palin said she would not support sex-ed programs that explicitly talk about sex.  She supports abstinence only programs, even though they are consistently show to provide incorrect information and fail to prevent unwanted pregnancy.

Palin’s relationship with knowledge scares me.  She doesn’t seem to need knowledge.  So what does she base her decisions on?

She has a default.  God.  She can base her decisions on her interpretation of the bible.  She can base her decisions on the way she feels after she prays.  She need only to consult with God and her moral code to make decision for the rest of the world.

Tonight Sarah Palin debates Joe Biden.  I hope we see the Real Sarah Palin in more depth.   If we do,this debate is going to be a carnival of ridiculousness.


A traditional Christian marriage September 25, 2008

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I watch a bio of Sarah Palin and caught a quick mention about her marriage.

Nearly twenty years ago, Sarah and her now husband Todd secretly eloped, with no notice to family members and friends.  Two kids run off to tie the knot and finally consimate their love within the bounds of marriage.  A romantic tale of love.

However, one small detail caught my ear.  Less than eight months after the Palin’s suprise marriage, their first son Track was born.

This leaves two possibilites:

  • Track was conceived in the cheap honeymoon hotel and born more than one month early
  • Track was conceived in the cab of a Ford F150 and born a couple days early

I have no proof concerning the validity of either statement.  However, it is possible that and after missing her period and taking several pregnancy tests, Sarah eloped Todd to ensure that that Track was legitamate in the eyes of God and chruch.

I come from a big Catholic Family.  To me, Senario 2 seems more probable then possible.

Why does this matter?  Am I just fueling the tabloid politics?

Yes, Maybe.

This is important because it hightlights the problem of sex education.  Sarah Palin strongly opposes comprehensive sex education.  She says, “The explicit sex-ed programs will not find my support”(http://eagleforumalaska.blogspot.com/).  I think what she means by “explicit sex-ed programs” is “factual sex-ed programs.”

Sarah Palin supports abstinence-only programs.  Abstinence-only programs have been proven over and over again to be ineffective (http://www.washingtonpost.com/wp-dyn/content/article/2007/04/13/AR2007041301003.html).  Part of their failure may have to do with the fact that many students of abstinence-only programs in the US receive information that simply isn’t true (http://www.washingtonpost.com/wp-dyn/articles/A26623-2004Dec1.html).  Abstinence-only programs don’t prevent kids from having sex, they don’t prevent girls from getting pregnant.  I could go on about how ridiculous these programs are, but on to the main point.

The reason I bring all this up that the Palin family have benefited from a strict Abstinence-only education in the home.   The result has been a (possible) unplanned pre-marital pregnancy with Sarah and Todd and an obvious unplanned pre-marital pregnancy with their daughter. Bristol.

The problem I see here is that values get in the way of reality.  How can you continue to pretend that abstinece works when it fails statiscally and fails in your own family?
If Sarah Palin makes her decisions based on her values in spite of their effect, what else will she apply her values too?  Instead of spending time making this country better, will Palin spend her time making this country fit her values?